117. “No, David! by David Shannon

Whenever young moms get together and talk about their toddlers or preschoolers, as all young moms do, even if they claim they have a life outside motherhood and prefer other conversation topics, there is always a story about a child being in a “NO phase”. Interestingly, although we complain about our children, we, moms, are in that phase too. Most likely, we say the NO word much more often than our children do. No, don’t do this, no, don’t go there, no, there is no dessert before dinner… How often have you used it today, fellow mom?

David’s mom used to say “no” quite a lot. Well, David was giving her lots of opportunities. He would draw on the wall, enter the house in his muddy shoes, flood the bathroom or break a vase as a result of an indoor baseball game. “I said no, David!” But when David’s eyes filled with tears, David’s mom knew that it was a right time for a little “Yes, David… I love you”

Yes… don’t we love our little ones regardless of how many no’s per day we have to say, scream or mumble in their direction. Or perhaps, the more protective no’s, the bigger the yes, for I love you?

On the practical side, apparently the forbidden fruit will always sound tempting, so how about limiting our don’t and mustn’t in favor of positive guidance, which not only might save us from nervous breakdown but also prove more fruitful a parenting method.

Coming back to the book, David Shannon did it again: he wrote a very engaging and entertaining story, which he illustrated with very original art. I really like the warm and bright colors, although I have to admit that  it took me a while to get used to David’s a bit disturbing features.


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