119. “There’s No Place Like School” selected by Jack Prelutsky

If I had to name my favorite childhood reads, it would certainly be… poems. The delightful rhymes by such icons like Julian Tuwim and Jan Brzechwa provided lots of joy for many Polish children ( and parents). However, I have to sadly notice, that the poetry has slowly become an endangered species. Is it a reflection of our more and more prosaic lifestyles? Do our digitalized brains need a metaphor processor? Either or,  I am still more comfortable reading Shel Silverstein to my son than showing him how to send or decipher compact text messages. Although, he does claim ownership of my new iphone. I told my husband that buying me this new gadget was a bad idea, but when my old phone literally died in my hands, he decided that it was a great opportunity to jump into the deep waters of technology. I can blog in the park now! Yeah, right!

Anyways, I do like reading in metaphors and similes and that is why I was quite excited to spy this collection of poems in the library. My son was cracking up as we were reading “Show-And-Tell” by David L. Harrison. Billy brought a snake that was supposed to be gentle, but really wasn’t. I loved “The Drinking Fountain” by Kenn Nesbitt, a story about a tricky water fountain that splashed water everywhere but in the mouth. There is a cute little poem about the school bus, and about the globe, and many other things school-connected.  The poems have various structures. There are free verses or rhymes, more and less abstract, but the common thing is that they are very entertaining, including the bright and basically hilarious illustrations by Jane Manning. Go ahead, and add some poetry to your child’s life!

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