123. “If You Take a Mouse to School” by Laura Numeroff

Children have always dragged to school some non-school stuff and they always will. Whether it is a new collectible to show around or a good-luck bracelet, you can always count on finding it in their backpacks. When I was little, my girlfriends and I had a little play dough figurine in our pencil cases, which was a trend influenced by a book we had read. Hope that your children will not follow Laura Numeroff’s imagination, because…

If you take a MOUSE to school, you can tell them, he will want your lunch box and you will need to share your locker with him. He will try spelling and advanced algebra with you. On the way to lunch, he will engage in building a mouse house, but then he will want to fill a book shelf with books, so he will need to write one. After the school, while waiting for the bus, he will play a couple of games, which will eventually make him tired. He will ask for your lunch box, there we go again… This will remind him of school, so you will have to take him back there. 

Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond, have once again worked together to create a great piece of work. The book is light and entertaining and definitely full of surprises. You never know what the curious Mouse will be up to on the next page and that keeps you turning pages while grinning from ear to ear.



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  1. Ermilia
    Oct 17, 2011 @ 05:25:58

    Awe I remember “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” What a wonderful adaptation.



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