124. “The Best Mistake Ever! And Other Stories” by Richard Scarry

Since Richard Scarry and his work were not a part of my childhood, I was really happy to stumble upon this book in a bookstore. What  a find!

In “The Best Mistake Ever” Huckle Cat went grocery shopping but forgot the shopping list made by Mother Cat. His  friend Lowly Worm came to the rescue. Did Mother need butter, cream, potatoes, apples or oranges? According to Lowly, if uncertain,  Huckle should buy peanut butter, ice-cream, potato chips, apple pie and orange soda. And so did Huckle do it all wrong. Or perhaps, it wasn’t really wrong? Perhaps the party food came in handy?You have to find out for yourselves.

The “Other Stories” are “A Visit to Mr. Fixit” and “Best Friends”. In the first story,  Huckle gives his Mother the most unusual cuckoo-cuckoo clock, with a cuckoo that sounds like a bike bell, and gets himself a bike with a bell that cuckoos. Why not!  In the second story, Huckle and Lowly’s friendship seemed to have been falling apart on Huckle’s birthday. As it eventually turned out, Lowly’s weird acting was just a part of the birthday surprise. It was a happy birthday for Huckle and a happy ending to the story.

I really like this compilation of Huckle’s tales and my son already looks forward to us reading more. Huckles, his friends and their adventures are everything but boring. Besides, the simple stories, simple language, simple problems, simple pictures… simply perfect for little children. That’s what makes a great children’s book: it speaks to them on their level. But it takes a great writer to understand the complexity of the children’s book writing process, and to create a seemingly simple script, that will engage and entertain the little readers on so many levels.


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  1. Ermilia
    Oct 18, 2011 @ 03:51:18

    Hello again, apparently your titles catch my eye as I surf the books tag.

    I know writing a children’s book is much harder than it looks or more people would pull it off. These sound like funny stories. I’m not much in tune with kids not having any myself and my cousins are either much older or babies but I could imagine them enjoying these. I sure miss Dr. Seuss. “The Lorax” was a favorite of mine growing up.



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