132. “Foggy Friday” by Phyllis Root

When a few weeks ago I was writing about “Thirsty Thursday”, I had no idea that Thursday was not the only day of the week on Bonnie Bumble’s farm that was worth writing about. On Thursday clouds had to be tickled to trigger some rain, and what mystery needed to be solved on Friday?

Just imagine, one foggy Friday morning, the rooster lost his cock-a-doodle-doo. Other animals wanted to take over, but neither “oink-a-oodle-oo”, nor “moo-a-moodle-moo” had no power to wake people up. Finally, Bonnie Bumble had to start the search, and even though the rooster’s voice wasn’t in the pig pen or in the henhouse, it was still where it had been dropped. Before long, the rooster got down to work and woke everyone up. Everyone, but for Bonnie… 

Another cute and charming story by the lady with imagination, Phyllis Root, brightly illustrated by Hellen Craig. If you need  to extract a few smiles from your little ones, just read them the book.

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