133. “The Way I Feel” by Jonan Cain

It is my son’s birthday today. I SHOULD feel excited and help my son to feel the euphoria, right?. It is a big celebration time, after all! Well, neither him, nor me felt too glorious this morning. He was whiney, I was cranky. What was going on?! My frustration was growing with every minute. I tried to keep up the festive spirit, but with no results. After a little analysis of the situation, I realized that we both were under-the- weather and needed a nap. It worked for me, and my Birthday Boy is sleeping.

Feelings and emotions can be a tough nut to crack. One moment we feel like we can fly, then everything brings us down. One day the world seems all rosy, and then, out of the blue, it  turns black. Feelings can be tricky, indeed. However, I believe we can make our lives easier if we learn three things about our emotions.

First of all it is crucial to recognize the right feeling properly and name it. If we seem blah, is it because we are bored and need more stimulation or tired and need some rest? Only the right solution can be effective. Secondly, we should realize that no feeling lasts forever. We can’t feel over the moon every minute of every day, so why to hold on to it. The same way, sadness doesn’t last forever either, so don’t worry, it will pass before you know it. We can try to reach a permanent state of happiness, though, but this is a different story. Thirdly, all feelings and emotions are a part of us and our lives and we should be able to embrace them. They make our lives unique, surprising and interesting in so many ways.

“The Way I Feel” is a precious, little book about  feelings. In playful rhymes,  It teaches children how to read “symptoms” of different emotions. We are excited when we want to jump, we frown when we are angry and we feel frustrated when we can’t do something… But “Feelings come and feelings go.” And they are all a part and parcel of ourselves.

A cute book with a message and interesting illustrations.

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