134. “Go Away, Dog” by Joan L. Nodset

The friendship between people and animals can’t be denied. It can have at least two faces as I’ve noticed. Some relationships can be described as the long-lasting, mutual love at first sight.  My sister in law, for example would buy the ZOO if she had enough money. Other people, like me or my husband, would perhaps consider having a cat, yet… there are always a few reasons why we don’t.

The boy in the book doesn’t look like an animal lover either. He doesn’t like dogs for a fact, so when a tail wagging creature starts bothering him in the park, asking him to play  fetch, the boy seems nothing less than annoyed. But the dog doesn’t give up, until… the boy gives in. What fun! But then the boy needs to go home. Will he leave his new friend behind?

Find out for yourself as you read the book with your emergent reader. My son has got this book today and we almost know it by heart by now. Besides, the pictures by Paul Meisel are cute and engaging.

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