136. “Engine, Engine, Number Nine” by Stephanie Calmenson

Engine Number Nine is rolling down the train track, making frequent stops, picking up passengers. Among others, there is Bess with her pet Pig, Ranger Bill and his sheep, Sal and his roosters, Jake and his cow, a band and mommies and daddies with noisy children.  Where are they all going? Where is the Engine Number Nine taking them to? “Wheels are turning, whistle’s blowing. Soon we’ll find out where it’s going.” To the County Fair, of course! 

Join the frolicky crowd for a rumbling joy ride to eat, play and win contests. The rhythmical rhyme will carry you along to the fair and back and provide lots of giggles at every station. A wonderful, brightly illustrated by Paul Meisel,  read-aloud for every little boy or girl.

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