138. “Froggy Gets Dressed” by Jonathan London

It is Halloween and  although the only nuisance today should be ghosts, some parts of the US have been haunted by snow storms as well. Is it going to be White Halloween next to White Christmas now? I hope not, but this gave me and idea for today’s book. Meet Froggy:

When Froggy woke up and saw it was snowing outside, he wanted to go out and play. He got up and got dressed. He put on his mittens, snow boots and hat and “flopped outside”. Before long, his mother yelled after him: Frrooggyy! He forgot pants.  He put on his pants and the rest of the winter gear, but as soon as he left, his mother reminded him about his shirt. He repeated the drill, but then missed his underwear. Froggy came back home one more time and decided that getting ready to play outside in the winter was too tiring and he went back to bed, where all frogs should be anyways till the spring comes.

“Froggy Gets Dressed” is a part of a delightful Froggy series, illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz.  The character is as cute as funny and children can easily relate to his dilemmas, challenges and adventures.

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