139. “Froggy’s Halloween” by Jonathan London

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween with just enough dose of Spooky. As far as spooky, let me  mention Froggy once again.

He was very excited about the upcoming Halloween, but he couldn’t decide as what to dress up. A Super Frog? A Cowboy? No, something scarier. Toothless Frog Vampire?  He settled for a  Frog Prince. All the girls at the Halloween school parade found it cute, especially Princess Frogilina, who scared Froggy even more than ghosts and goblins when she suddenly wanted to kiss him.  The kiss plus surprise lead to an embarrassing fall on the steps of a wicked witch, usually known as Max’s  grandma. Froggy saved his face though and headed for home with a bag full of candies. Well, not really… Luckily, Froggy’s mom was waiting for her little trick-or-treater with a bowl filled with chocolate covered flies. 

Really, really, really funny!  A delightful story beyond the Halloween time. Froggy is such a true reflection of our children that it is not possible to love him. And as usual, the London-Remkiewicz team didn’t disappoint their readers with this memorably hilarious book.

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