140. “Boo, Bunny!” by Kathryn O. Galbraith

Halloween was two days ago, but the spooky spirit haven’t left me yet. Blame it on the leftover candy, I guess. Whatever the reason, I just can’t not to write about this superb Halloween story that me and my son have just discovered. Might be a bit too late, but better late than never.

“Boo Bunny!” is not a typical take on Halloween. It is a spooky trick-or-treating adventure of a scared little bunny all right, but is told in a very unique way. It is written with bare minimum vocabulary, understatement, elliptical sentences and  it explodes with onomatopoeic expressions. You virtually hear all the BOO and WHOO and squeaks. You almost see the scary creatures with “crooked  teeth” and “scaly feet”.  Besides, the black background and white and orange accents on every page leaves lots of room for imagination. Jeff Mack took care if it. But no worries. It doesn’t get too scary. “One shy bunny” gets lots of Halloween giggles after he finds a trick-or-treating companion.

Have lots of spooky fun reading this curious evolution from one shy bunny to two brave bunnies. And let me commend the writer and the illustrator on the exquisite piece of work!

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