142. “Elephant in the Bathtub” by Kristina Andres

Although I prefer a hot shower to a bubbly bath, I am glad we have a bathtub at home. Our son just loves soaking in the soapy water while playing his imaginative games with a bunch of rubber ducky squirts. The one thing I do not like about it, however,  are the slippery puddles on the floor afterwards. But at least I don’t have an elephant in my bathroom…

Elephant felt like taking a bath. Since there was still some room in the tub, Cat decided to join him. And then Giraffe and Bear and Cow, Ducky… The list was quite long by the end.  And when the whole crew was ready to sail, they noticed that one crucial element was missing…

A very creative story, on the verge of abstract, plus hyper hilarious pictures. Join the wild swimmers on their water adventure, but I don’t recommend you  to replay it in your own bathtub. Flooding the bathroom might be a costly idea.

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