144. “Tyson the Terrible” by Diane and Christyan Fox

Centuries ago, nobody would have any doubt about what job John Smith had  from where Koen Van Mechelen was. It was self-explanatory. Names were supposed to be meaningful. Deciphering names these days is not as easy, though. To some extent it has even become irrelevant. There are so many factors that parents take into account when choosing a name for their child: to follow a family tradition, to make a statement, because it sounds good or exotic… Do you think  a name can shape up someone’s personality? It sure can be a reason for numerous assumptions. Just  look at a little Tyrannosaurus.

Nobody wanted to play with him and his brother, Tyson. Even though no one really saw the poor Tyrannosaurus duo, tall tales were  being told about them. How scary and ugly they were… that they were bigger than mountains… that their teeth were sharp like razors and claws like knives… that they ate seventeen dinosaurs for breakfast. Everyone ran for their lives as soon as they heard an ominous BOOM… BOOM sound. “It’s Tyson the Terrible!”  Well, appearances can be misleading. Or can’t they?.

A bright and truly funny, story for all dinosaur lovers and everyone who appreciates a little book with a big pop-up surprise. LOL


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