150. “Fire Engine To The Rescue”, published by Backpack Books

Do you know Huggy Buggy Heroes? If so, then you are ahead of me and probably smiling now at the thought of the little vroom-crew from Huggyville. If not, today you will get to know one of them: Fire Engine.

The red truck was just in the middle of a morning shower, when the alarm went off. Someone needed  help. It was a baby Helicopter stuck in a tree. The brave Fire Engine rushed to the rescue. Down the road, up a steep hill, over the puddles, passing other Huggy Buggies… Before long the Fire Truck got to the Huggyville center and got the baby Helicopter back on the ground. The Fire Engine was a real hero indeed.

This picture book is a part of a Huggy Buggy Books series. At first I though it was much too simplistic for my “serious” three years old. The pictures are very basic and lacking details, the characters resemble rubber dummies, and the whole idea is too “cuddly”. But my son was the one who spotted the Huggy Buggy Hero in the bookstore,  insisted on buying the book and carefully listened to the story. On his behalf, I recommend it, not only for the babies. It’s not a great piece. It doesn’t even have and author.  But it is fun and cute.

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