154. “Who wants Arthur?” by Amanda Graham

Today’s book is in my opinion a real treasure.  It is a book with a soul, capable of touching a reader’s soul with humor, expressive illustrations by Donna Gynell and beyond all, with a relevant message: Be yourself.

Arthur was a dog for sale in a pet shop. Although he was anxious to be sold and start a new life in a home with a pair of old slippers to chew, there was no buyer interested in Arthur. The dog started doubting his “marketability”. Since bunny rabbits were  selling like hot buns, perhaps he should learn to be more like a rabbit? Well, eating carrots and hopping around didn’t help Arthur. How about another popular pet, snake? Arthur decided to learn hissing and slithering. Well, he didn’t attract any customer either. And then, when he already settled to be a permanent dog for sale, a miracle happened. With old slippers to chew and all.

Don’t we all have a little bit of Arthur in us? The desire to be accepted, wanted, loved by someone. Loneliness can be toxic and make us doubt our own value and uniqueness. But we should never question that. We should never try to be like someone else in order to gain popularity or success. That’s like being a wolf dressed as a sheep. Pathetic, right? Everyone of us is worth being loved and will be loved. First, we just have learn to accept and love ourselves. A happy person who knows their value is like a blossoming flower. Happy is MAGNETIC!


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