155. “Dinotrux” by Chris Gall

Since I was never into prehistoric creatures, I thought that my son’s childhood would also pass without digging in dirt. Well, somehow, suddenly, something clicked in my son’s brain and his interest in Tyrannosaurus & Co started to shine through. Especially, after he found out that they can come as a curiously mutated species: Dinotrux.

Did you know that Dinotrux were prehistoric ancestors of the modern machines, known as trucks? They ruled the world millions of years ago. They ruled with fear.  Cranosaurus would spread terror among birds, which were his delicacy. Dumploducus would litter everywhere, Rollodon rolled over everything without paying the least attention,  Garbageadon would gobble everything and everyone in sight… Dinotrux  didn’t get along with anyone, until a great rain storm  came and water covered the earth. Dinotrux began to rust and sink in mud, unless they were the smart ones, that migrated south looking for warmer and dryer weather. The survivors transformed into…TRUCKS.

A very creative story with granted appeal to children’s imagination. Whether they love trucks or dinosaurs, and chances are they are fans of both, they will find the story exciting and engaging. The prehistoric monsters, as pictured by Chris Gall with intense colors and intimidating details, will captivate, fascinate and keep the little reader on the edge.  You better make yourself a big cup of coffee and get ready for a super long reading session.

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