156. “Mitchell’s Licence” by Hallie Durand

It is 9.30 pm and my son is wide awake. He wants to play cars although me and my husband wouldn’t mind calling it an early night. I guess it is time for bedtime Mitchell’s way.

Since Mitchell’s parents had a hard time putting their son to bed , they let him… drive there. Mitchel had his very own driver’s licence before he even turned four and his own vehicle: “Remote-Control Dad”. Every night the little driver would check his car’s tires, a.k.a. dad’s feet, the engine, or belly if you wish and  after taking a few sharp turns and trying to avoid collisions with Mom, Mitchell would zoom straight to his bedroom. Some nights, the car needed to have oil changed, and on other times, the vehicle needed to fuel up, although the latter was not always approved by the car, especially when the gas station was at the cookie jar…

A very unusual bedtime story, isn’t it? I mean, a story about a very unusual bedtime routine. Together with hilarious pictures by Tony Fucile this picture book is a very memorable and inspiring giggle-trigger.

I guess my son is ready for his bedtime ride. His car surely is.

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