157. “Llama Llama Home with Mama” by Anna Dewdney

Whether you call it Fall or Autumn, you must agree that its middle name is the season of cough and sneeze. We are just done with runny noses and fuzzy brains. For now, that is.

Llama Llama  isn’t feeling the best either. His head feels hot, throat scratchy and a tissue is his best friend. No school for Llama Llama today. Staying home could be fun, but not when there is nothing to do. Trains, books and other toys seems so boring.  Luckily,  Llama Llama feels better after a nap and  is ready for lunch and drawing. But suddenly Llama Llama hears a big “Ah-choo!”  Is it Mama’s turn to be sick now?

I hope that your little llamas won’t have to skip school to fight off some seasonal bug, but if they do, may their day home  be as nice as Llama Llama’s! After all, they will be home with their mom! What’s better than that, right? And if you want to make that day even more special, “Llama Llama Home with Mama” is truly a feel-good-better-best story. Cute characters, catchy rhyme, warm and bright pictures…  Anna Dewdney’s Llama Llama series is consistently engaging and entertaining.



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