159.”Thomas & Friends” based on The Railway Series by The Reverend W. Awdry

Usually someone writes a book, a publishing house turns it into a bestseller and then they make  it into a movie for the unfulfilled masses. Usually the book is better than a movie. Usually it is better to read the book before watching a movie. Usually, but not always. Sometimes, however, the whole process can go backwards. A book might live a quiet life and then someone makes a movie that inspires publishers. I don’t know if I would ever pick books about Thomas, if not for the timeless TV series about a cheeky engine Thomas and his friends from the island of Sodor.

Today’s post is different  as I am not writing about a particular book, but the Thomas & Friends series as a whole. Whether it is a “Lost At Sea”, which we read yesterday or “Thomas Gets Tricked” or “James Goes Buzz Buzz” adventure, they all spark off similar giggles from my son and reflections on my side. It is truly amazing how such a little steam engine crew have conquered the hearts of little children and what a massive marketing phenomenon it has become. Toys, clothes, coloring books, events… you name it. Luckily my son does not insist on living in the Thomas world, but he has been under his spell at some point. Do I want him to watch dvds all day long, even though cute and sending good messages? Of course not. That’s why I am so happy we have the books that we can come back to anytime of the day. So far, “Thomas and Percy and The Dragon” has been our Number 1, due to a seemingly scary, yellow parade dragon. But your children might fall in love with another story and with a different engine. Serious Gordon, helpful Percy… They all have their own personalities, that fascinate children in a special way.

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