161. “Alice the Fairy” by David Shannon

Although Cinderella is no longer as present is in the lives of little girls as it used to be in their moms’, her Godmother Fairy is still quite popular, at least that is what I gathered from Halloween costume choices.

Alice is a fairy as well. A Temporary fairy, that is. She can fly fast, but not too high. She can change her dad into a horse, but not a frog quite yet. Other people’s cookies can be changed into hers, though and a bowl of oatmeal into a dessert. She is not perfect at spells, but she practices on her dog. Alice would like to be a Permanent fairy, capable of performing more advanced tricks, like changing the bathwater into strawberry jell-o, but on the other hand… perhaps being a Temporary fairy permanently is not a bad idea?

A very cute and amusing take on the contemporary art of magic. As always with this great writer and illustrator, he captivates the reader with a character with a flair, and a story full of surprises. Every page is filled with humor and bright colors.

A magical gift from David Shannon to every little fairy!


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