162. “When Mommy Was Mad” by Lynne Jonell

When my mom got mad,  it was never fun for me and my brothers. She was a yeller and she always translated her bad mood in lots of uncontrolled wording and acting. Although I am more of a quiet  type, it does happen to me slam a door in anger. Usually when I can’t find my purse or keys and I am already running late.  It wasn’t an issue in my single years, when I lived by myself. Nobody could see me stomping in the middle of the room.  But now, I have my little Big Brother watching and copying everything I do or say…

And thanks goodness! Last time I was about to scream in the air as I couldn’t find my phone, my son came to me and asked: “Do you need a hug, Mommy?” I melted instantaneously. Oh, yes, I needed a hug.

Robbie and Christopher’s mom didn’t have the best day. She was quiet and “prickly”. She forgot to smile and kiss daddy good-bye. The boys were wondering if they had done something wrong. They tried to make mom smile with drawing within the lines, but with no results. What’s more, mom’s anger became infectious. Now Robbie was as “prickly” as mommy. Finally, mom noticed that something was going on and soon after the boys got their soft and snuggly mommy back. 

The book is a real eye-opener. It shows how our mood affect others.  Naturally, we are only humans and we can’t pretend we have only great days, but it is important to realize that our bad days can turn other people’s good days into bad ones as well…  A domino effect . The story is especially touching as it is told from the children’s point of view. The child-like, crayon colored pictures by Petra Mathers couldn’t be a better match.



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