163. “Ernest the Moose Who Doesn’t Fit” by Catherine Rayner

Whatever it is, the Moose surely have some kind of X-factor that makes picture book writers keep writing about them. “If You Give a Moose a Muffin” or  “Moose on the Loose” are just a few examples, that you can find in my earlier posts. Today, let’s talk a bit about Ernest.

He badly wanted to be in a picture book, but unfortunately, his size wasn’t really picture-perfect. He wouldn’t fit on a page. When his head would be covered, his legs would be left out. When his tail was in the book, his nose wasn’t. What was Ernest supposed to do? Luckily, his mini friend, chipmunk had an idea larger than the moose itself. How about a bigger book?

However crazy it sounds, the chipmunk is right. We don’t need to change ourselves to fit somewhere. It is the “somewhere” that needs to be changed or adjusted. A very cute book with very interesting graphics: appealing, minimalist style, and great and playful interaction between the pictures and the script.

I hope your children will meet this inventive moose soon. I know, that we are approaching the Rudolph season, but if they need some variation…




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