165. “The Most Perfect Spot” by Diane Goode

Do you know those moments when you think that you have everything planned out and under control until you realize that you don’t?

Well, Jack had a perfect plan for the day: a perfect picnic in the perfect spot in the park. He even knew how to make his mama buy into his plan. Everything was perfect indeed, especially the spot by the lake, until… a flock of ducks decided to take the ownership of the lake. Before long, Jack and his mama were all soaking wet. They would have dried in the sun alright if not for a bunch of horse riders galloping nearby. Covered in mud, Jack and mama moved on to the carousel, which, who knows why, suddenly went out of control… And then, on top of all that, it began to rain. What about the picnic in the “most perfect” spot? Let me just tell you that Jack and mama didn’t give up…

The picnic weather is perhaps over in many places but it if you think out of the box, like Jack and his mom, you might learn how to picnic all year round.

And it is always a good time for an entertaining story bursting with surprises, and illustrated with warm, engaging and very memorable pictures.

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