166/ “Terrific” by Jon Agee

Jon Agee’s work has already been featured in my blog before and today is the time for another terrific piece of writing by this terrific writer and illustrator, with the driest sense of humor possible.

Eugene has won a trip to Bermuda. “Terrific.” Now he will get a sunburn. Well, the ship got wrecked in the storm, but Eugene was saved from sharks and landed on a tiny island. Is he going to be eaten by cannibals? Most likely not, as the only living creature on the island is a parrot. What good is a parrot? Well, thee parrot taught Eugene how to build a boat, which indirectly brought Eugene to Bermuda. Why indirectly? Well, Eugene and parrot had to make one unplanned stop… where Eugene got to meet Lenny .

You think the whole story doesn’t make any sense? Well, perhaps not, but what a terrific story it is regardless! Besides, I just love the malcontent character and and his beige raincoat for 32 dollars!


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