167. “Think Happy” by Nancy Carlson

What do all parents have in common, regardless of their parenting styles, social status or income?  We all try to make our children happy, don’t we?  Happy children make us happy, and unhappy children will make unhappy parents, right? Unfortunately, there is a little twist to this way of thinking, which makes the whole pursuit of happiness a parents’ dream and the children become responsible for their parents happiness. Wasn’t it supposed to be the other way around? If we really want our children to be happy, we should teach them how to be happy. And since the most effective teaching method means leading by example, we should learn how to be happy ourselves.

“Think Happy” is a brightly illustrated, little book, which is truly a call for action: think happy. If you have a bad day, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you look cool. If you feel good, throw a party, with cakes and candles, why not? Make your life a celebration. Hop, dance, meditate, what not.  Not only will it make your life more colorful, but it will spark happiness in other people. I have already mentioned that happy is magnetizing. I am just going to add, that it is also very contagious. So without further ado, read “Think Happy” to your children and show them how this stuff really works!

A real treasure! A perfect holiday gift for children and everyone who needs some more positives in their life.

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