169. “Don’t Go!” by Jane Breskin Zalben

Although my son took to his preschool like fish to water, I know that for many children, the first days at school are a traumatic experience. No wonder: a new teacher, children, classroom… It can be truly overwhelming. Perhaps going through this experience with Daniel might help the less confident children to prepare for the strange and scary school world ?

Daniel wasn’t eager to start his preschool whatsoever. His mom packed his lunch, a change of clothes and even a stuffed animal. Daniel was ready to go,  but not really to stay at school by himself. The teacher, Mr. Berry, tried all kinds of ice-breakers, but nothing really worked. Daniel only hid behind his mama, until it was time for her to go, and for Daniel, to make  new friends. Preschool turned out to be quite fun. Children played outside, drew pictures, made cookies, took a nap… And before long, it was time to go home.

Next to a warm and reassuring story, with cute pictures, the book is also equipped with other engaging and educational elements, like Checklist for First Day at Preschool and a recipe for Daniel’s pumpkin cookies. I really like follow-up activities and am definitely going to make the cookies with my son before the pumpkin season ends.


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