171. “Road Work Ahead” by Anastasia Suen

If you are a dad of a girly girl you might want to skip this post and ignore the book. Well, if i were you I wouldn’t do that. The story is actually multi-level and there are enough distractions for everyone, even those who don’t care about jack hammers, bulldozers and closed lanes.

A little boy, his mom and a puppy are going to visit grandma. Visiting grandma is always fun and her oatmeal cookies with milk are surely worth a drive. Even if it is a slow drive, due to road work. Actually, the road work makes the journey so much more exciting. There is so much to look at. Never mind rubber-necking. Workers in  snazzy orange vests trim bushes, plant trees, put up lights, drill holes… The road is filled with construction machines. What colors, what noise!

What my son and I like the most, though, are the little intruders that can be spied on every page: a pet chicken on the run guiding traffic or mama duck snoozing under a tree. They bring the road work to a totally different level.

In a nutshell, the story, written in cute, light rhyme is warm like grandma’s cookies and the pictures by Jannie Ho are  lively and colorful like the very road work.


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