173.” Llama Llama Holiday Drama” by Anna Dewdney

It was supposed to be a quiet December. We scaled down our Christmas shopping frenzy, agreed on a smaller Christmas tree and accepted my parents-in-law’s invitation for the entire holidays, so I don’t even need to cook. Well, due to the move, it has been the most exhausting December I can remember. Packing, unpacking, cleaning, storing, donating, tossing, and trying to live a normal life on top of all that. It even appeared possible, but then the dishwasher flooded the kitchen, my son’s new bed wouldn’t arrive and the Internet provider took 2 weeks to send the modem, among other disasters. My ample supply of patience was drying up. I was cranky and uninspired. I needed some ZEN. I took a book from my son’s shelf and read us a story.

“Llama Llama Holiday Drama” by Anna Dewdney turned out to be a great choice. Little Llama and his mama are counting down the (shopping) days till the holidays.  Naturally, Llama Llama is not really into shopping for gifts, although baking cookies with mama is quite fun (if not for the tummy-ache afterwards). Is Llama Llama going to decorate the tree with mama? Hmm…“Too much everything for Llama. (…) Holidrama!”

What is Mama Llama going to do? Mama and little Llama are having a talk about the real meaning of the holidays and I could not agree more with Mama Llama. We often get so busy with the holiday preparations that we forget what it all is about. We get preoccupied with buying gifts for our relatives and friends, but we don’t make time to talk to them. We clean and decorate, but we forget to spend time with each another. And having each other is just the real gift. 

I think this message is highly applicable beyond holidays. Even now, as we are settling in our new apartment, I choose organizing closets instead of playing with my son. Is this the right order? The closet will not run away, and the moments I have to spend with my child are butterflies. So let’s take a break from chores and errands and… read another book.

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