179. “Stuck” by Oliver Jeffers

It all began with a little package that my son got from his aunt, Magda, a couple of days ago. It contained two books. We immediately decided to bite into our new treat, and that’s how we got stuck.

We got stuck on “Stuck”. We got stuck like Floyd’s kite on a tree, with which it all began… Would throwing Floyd’s favorite shoes help to retrieve the kite? Not really. Now the question was how to recover the shoes. Perhaps with a ladder? This one got stuck too. And so did a kitchen sink and a family car? At this point my son exploded with the loudest giggles I have recently heard coming from his little body.  And that was not the end. One by one, Floyd kept throwing new things on the tree hoping to knock down the stuff that had got stuck earlier, but nothing helped. Not even the brave firemen passing by.   Until… Eureka! Floyd got a breakthrough idea. How about a saw?

Now you probably think he is going to cut the tree, right? Hmm…

Oliver Jeffers is a genius! What he did to this seemingly simple story needs more than my scope of words to describe it. You need to experience it this story telling phenomenon. The hyper absurd plot mixed with super-comic pictures are one of a kind.

Should my children’s stories ever get to see a publisher’s desk, and should Oliver Jeffers agree to illustrate them, I would be in heaven!


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