185. “If you Take a Mouse to the Movies” by Laura Numeroff

If you ever decide to take a mouse to the movies around the Christmas time, and  your mouse is like thee Mouse, you better be ready to readjust your plans…

Thee Mouse innocently asked for popcorn, which reminded him of the Christmas tree decorations. He wanted to make a popcorn string for the tree, but didn’t have one. On the way to the tree stand, the Mouse saw a snowman. Why not to make one? And a fort. And have a snowball fight with her easygoing friend. Until the Mouse got really cold and it was time to get cosy at home, listen to some Carols and make ornaments. But where was the popcorn string again? He got the popcorn. ” And chances are, when you give him the popcorn, he’ll want you to take him to the movies.”

Another light and funny read by the famous Numeroff/Bond duo. The story, as always in this series, is written in a form of an entertaining hypothetical scenario: what will happen if…, elevated to the level of absurd. The appeal of this book might be more seasonal, but hey, this is just the season!

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