186. “Wake Up, Papa Bear! by David and Maxwell Algrim

In our house, we follow two patterns as far as our morning routine is concerned. During the week, my husband wakes up first, then me, then our son. During the weekend, our son is the early bird that makes me get up soon after him, and my husband gets to sleep in. Most of the times I find it fair and I don’t mind, but there are mornings when I like to put in use the tricks suggested by today’s book.  In other words, I don’t prevent my son from waking up his dad, the little Bear way…

Little Bear saw his Dad sleep in his bed. How should he wake him up? By tickling his feet, poking his nose, GROWLING, jumping on the bed…? Or perhaps by giving him a Big Bear Kiss? 

Let your children find out for themselves as you read to them this cute, little touch-and-feel book, warmly illustrated by Adam Relf.

Try it out. I am sure Daddies won’t might their little ones interrupting their sleep THIS way, and mommies might get some bonus minutes under shower, which they surely deserve on the Christmas Eve.

Have a great morning and even Happy Holidays!

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