187. “When Pigasso Met Mootisse” by Nina Laden

Hope everyone had a merry holiday weekend and you are ready to carry the happiness over to the New Year. We are still visiting family and next to batches of home-baked cookies and other treats we are indulging ourselves with a broad collection of pictures books, which my mother-in-law collects. I feel like I am at the bookstore and bakery at the same time.

“When Pigasso Met Mootisse”  was the first one to catch my son’s eye. Not that he knows the modern art history, but if the cover is painted with Mattisse’s colors…)

Pigasso and Mootisse were neighbors. Do I need to add that they were painters?  They practiced different styles and although they were very famous in their category, they didn’t really appreciate each other’s art. They teased and undermined each other’s talent.  Pigasso claimed that Mootisse painted like ‘a wild beast’ and his paintings were like ‘color-by-numbers’ and according to Mootise, Pigasso painted like ‘a two-year old’ and his colors were like ‘mud’. Things got ugly. “It was    art mess.”  Until the “pig-headed and bull-headed” artists realized that even though their styles differ extremely, they also complement each other and brushes together they could do something incredible.  And they did indeed.

A very unique take on the history of modern art. A perfect way of bridging the art of Picasso and cubism as well as the bright style of Matisse to the little children. It teaches and  entertains greatly. Very inventive and very educational. My son loves it and so do I!

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