188. “Giggle, Giggle, Quack” by Doreen Cronin

Doreen Cronin has already ‘visited’ my blog a few posts ago when I was writing about super funny diaries written by Worm and his buddy, Spider.  Today’s story takes place on a farm and the animals are much bigger, but what all Cronin’s characters have in common is the sense of humor.

Farmer Brown was leaving on vacation and left his brother, Bob, in charge of his farm. Bob was not expecting much trouble, as Farmer Brown left him notes with instructions for every day. Things would have run smoothly if not for one clever and literate Duck, who made some adjustments to the notes. In the results, Tuesday was a pizza night, on Wednesday the pigs got a soapy bath and on Thursday cows got to choose a movie…

I don’t know what Old McDonald would do if such things happened on his farm, but Farmer Brown surely had his hands full with the inventive Duck.

Doreen Cronin confirmed her talent one more time and Betsy Lewin matched it with entertaining watercolors. The book is certainly worth introducing it to your children if you like to see them LOL. I just hope it won’t put ideas in their heads… Duck falls short of a role model…;-) 




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