189. “One Smart Goose” by Caroline Jayne Church

Farmer Brown had a smart duck on his farm, but on another farm, the smart one happened to be a goose… 

While all the geese in the gaggle were clean and shiny, the Goose splashed in mud and his beak was far from gleamy. As the geese were not a very tolerant society, the dirty Goose was always laughed at and teased. Always that is, but for the nights when the sneaky fox would visit the farm and chase all the geese. All that is, but for the dirty one. Once the other geese learned the trick,  they started rolling in the mud themselves. But, why was the dirty goose suddenly taking a soapy bath? Well, looking at the sky, it was about to snow, so dirty was not exactly the way to go…

It was sure one smart goose, that dirty goose. Not only did he know the rules of camouflage and how to outsmart a fox, but he also managed to cope with his black sheep status. He kept doing his own thing  and it paid off eventually. He saved the geese from the fox he earned respect from his bullies.

It is a shame that when you are different you need to prove yourself doubly, but does it really matter?  What does matter is that if you are true to yourself, you are happier and eventually the world will see your true value.

“One Smart Goose” is a wonderful piece of writing. Greatly entertaining and inspiring. Highly relevant.

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