190. “Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay up Late!” by Mo Willems

Although I have been intrigued by the work of Mo Willems for a while now, I wasn’t quite ready for it. And if I am not ready, I can’t properly introduce it to my son. I have made this mistake once with Richard Scarry’s “Busy Town”. I mentioned to my little reader that the book was a bit too busy and too long in my oppinion and now he reminds me about it every time I want us to read it. Yesterday came the right time to discover Mo Willems. And the Pigeon. And some funny guy in some old-fashioned pajamas, who asked us to make sure that the Pigeon wouldn’t stay up late. But the bird was far from sleepy. He was rather ready to party, or to watch a TV show.  He wanted to talk, count the stars, get some water- anything but sleep. Until finally… Yaaaawn and zzzzzzzzzzz. Good night, Pigeon.

To cut a short story shorter, the bird was supposed to go to sleep and he didn’t want to. A simple bed time story then? Nothing like it. It will rather make your children revive  and burst into laughter than trigger yawns.  On one hand the book reminds me of Jonathan Allen’s “I’m Not Sleepy!”, with the minimalistic illustrations and dry humor. But at the same time, the Pigeon series (because it’s a series) sets a very unique tone.  I love the innovative, interactive format, where the story is basically a dialogue with the reader. What can be more engaging?! The illustrations are hilarious and the Pigeon… He is quite a character. A must read!



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