192. “Porcupining- A Prickly Love Story” by Lisa Wheeler

Happy New Year Everyone! May your 2012 be filled with only special moments. And books as special as today’s.

Cushion was a very lonely porcupine. However, he didn’t sit and cry about his lack of luck in love. He took his fate in his hands, wrote a love song and went looking for a wife. He tried to find her among rabbits, but those  just went “hopping mad”. He needed someone more easy-going. Perhaps a pig? Well, he gave her a chance, but she didn’t get his jokes. How about a beaver? Well, Miss Beaver didn’t like the love song…  Suddenly, when Cushion was trying to cope with another rejection, he met Barbara. She was a hedgehog, but to Cushion’s delights, she looked neither like hedge, nor hog and she liked Cushion’s voice. She would make a perfect pair!

What a Hollywood ending, isn’t it?  But I chose this book not only to make you all warm and fuzzy. I think the driven Cushion is a very suitable character for the beginning of a new year, which is always the time of intense wishes, hopes and resolutions. We set new goals, make all kinds of ambitious to-do-lists, but then we often forget that we also need to go for it.  We have to take actions. We have to pursue our happiness the way Cushion did. Keeping fingers crossed or crying over our misfortune is simply not going to cut it.  “Life is what you make it” after all. (Talk Talk)

Enjoy this feel-great tale and cute pictures by Janie Bynum, and good luck writing your own prickly story this year.


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