202. “Too Many Dinosaurs” by Mercer Mayer

Living in the suburbs has many charms and garage sales are one of them. They help you to meet your neighbors, realize how much useless stuff you really own and get real bargains if you know how to haggle. Sometimes, however you can buy a real cat in the bag, or rather a baby dinosaur ready to hatch.

No kidding. It happened to a little boy. His mom wouldn’t agree on a puppy, but he found a consolation at Mr. Jerry’s yard sale: a huge dino egg. Before the boy knew it, he owned a dino baby. A fully outdoors dino, which ran away and caused lots of panic and havoc in the town.  The boy managed to find his new pet with a sound of a horn, another yard sale bargain. Unfortunately, the dinosaur came with company… It was too many dinosaurs for the boy’s mom to handle. Suddenly, a  puppy sounded so much better an option.

This amusing and colorful story left my son with a smile on his face and me with two afterthoughts: it is extra dangerous to send your child on emotional shopping, even if only with a dollar in their pocket,  and secondly, even though we master the art of saying “no” to our children’s unreasonable requests, they somehow get their way eventually.   We are doomed, aren’t we?


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