206. “There’s an Alligator under My Bed” by Mercer Mayer

If your children didn’t agree with the yesterday’s method of ghost busting, today’s story should offer them a more effective solution and a better feeling of being in control.

A boy had an alligator under his bed. A tricky one, that hid every time the boy’s parents wanted to see it. Finally, the boy decided to get rid of the beast. He lined up gator’s favorite snacks, like cookies and fresh veggies, between his bedroom and the garage and then waited for the animal to eat them one by one. It worked!  The gator was out of the house and the boy was safe. But what about his daddy when he goes to the car in the morning?

The writer of “Too many Dinosaurs”, who apparently has a special connection with unusual animals, wrote another fun story. It is basically a page turner. As soon as we finish reading it with my son he already says “again”. Very creative,  entertaining and so empowering! A perfect giggle-trigger.


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