209. “The Giant Hug” by Sandra Horning

How many of you live or have lived from your hometowns? We are one of those people too. As a result, our son’s grandparents, who reside on the other side of the country (1) and  the ocean (2), don’t get to see their grandson often. And vice-versa. We make frequent phone calls, video calls, send greetings cards (rarely, but we do), emails… It all helps but it is still not the same as the real thing. Not like seeing each other in person. It is not like playing games with grandpa and cuddling with grandma.

Owen the pig came up with a brilliant idea to cuddle with his grandma on her birthday.  He decided to send her  ” A GIANT hug”. By mail. He gave the hug to the post-office clerk, who passed it to the mail sorter, who gave it to the truck driver, who passed it to the plane pilot… and then it was the postman’s turn to get the hug and bring it safely to Owen’s grandma. She couldn’t be more delighted. And what did grandma do in return? She sent Owen a big kiss!

What a genial idea! Not only did it make grandma’s big day a grand day, but it also cheered up all the messengers. A hug like a smile doesn’t cost anything but it goes a long mile. In Owen’s case, literally. I wonder what would happen it we tried his method at our post office? Would the clerk even bother?  hmm, considering the current situation of the USPS, they might use a hug actually.

“The Giant Hug” is a real heart-warmer. It makes you feel good, it is inspiring and it is illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev. Do I need to say more?



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