211. “I Love You, Daddy” by Jillian Harker

The official Father’s Day is still months away, but any day is great for some bonding with Daddy. Today’s book is a perfect pretext to tell Dad those three magical words that tickle his heart and send him straight to cloud nine.

Daddy Bear decided that Little Bear was big enough to climb trees together. Little Bear was very excited, but was he ready? He did tumble-down at the first try, but with dad’s help and motivational “You can do it!”, he did it indeed. Then the two boys went gathering honey together. Again, Little Bear didn’t think he could do it, but thanks to Dad’s instructions he could. They even went looking for a winter den and Little Bear found the best one. Daddy Bear was very proud of his son. On the way home Little Bear wanted to tell his Dad  how much he loved him, but…zzzzzzzzzz. 

Time with Dad is no doubt an extra special time. My son spends most of his days with me and I guess he doesn’t mind,  but every time the “two boys” plan something together, my son’s eyes light up. He is ready for an adventure. He knows Dad will take him on an adventure. Whether it is kicking the ball in the park or building ramps, they are sharing the experience.

I hope Dads realize how big a role they play in their children’s lives. (Moms do too, but let’s not steal Dads’ thunder.)Being a Dad is like being a Superman, He-Man and all other Super-heroes combined . It comes with responsibilities, bit it is a greatly rewarding privilege. Make the most of it! Now. You don’t want to wait until your children turn into teenagers…

“I Love You, Daddy” is a really cute, feel-good-better-best picture book, warmly illustrated by Kristina Stephenson, perfect for Daddy-and-Me story time.

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