212. “But I Wanted a Baby Brother!” by Kate Feiffer

While expecting parents just hope for a healthy child, the older siblings-to-be worry if the new baby will make a good playmate. Girls usually want a sister to play dolls with, and boys want a trained ball kicking partner. Unfortunately, oftentimes, mistakes happen. Like in case of Oliver Keaton…

… who although wanted a brother,  got a little sister. And nobody even noticed “the mistake”. Everyone just talked about how adorable she was. But was she? All bold and incapable of throwing a ball back? Oliver decided to trade his little sister with his friends, who already had several little brothers. however, he got second thoughts when he found out that the other baby boy cried all night. Oliver kept his eyes open for a trading opportunity, but the more time passed, the more convinced Oliver was that other babies, even if they were boys, were not better than his sister, who was actually getting quite fun.  

And then Oliver’s parents announced that there would be another baby in the family? A baby brother perhaps?

A hilarious story for the whole family. Especially if you are planning to expand it. It might help you to prepare your big sister or brother-to-be for the unexpected. And this book will do it with a great dose of humor in the script and cartoonish illustrations by Diane Goode.

Adding a new member to the family is a big change to the older children. My son will still have to go through it and we will have to make it a positive experience by showing him our love for him has not changed with the arrival of a new baby, and secondly, that whether a sister or a brother, a younger sibling can always make a great playmate and companion. Will it be effective? We’ll see when the theory meets practice. For now, I will gladly hear your stories.


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