213. “Talk, Oscar, Please!” by Karen Kaufman Orloff

Oscar was a dog of many talents. He could bark, growl, howl… But he couldn’t talk. If he did, thought a little boy, they could go to school together, or Oscar could coach their soccer team, or act as a nature guide during hikes. He could even order his own food at the restaurant and crack a few jokes at the playground. How about winning a quiz and becoming famous, or educating a veterinarian on the topic of fleas…? The boy had a lot of ideas for a talking Oscar, but actually, it didn’t matter. They were best friends. He could understand Oscar even without words.

Another charming little story about a great friendship between a child and his pet. Equally cute and feel-good  illustrations by Tim Bowers. People often wish their furry friends could speak, as if that would make them a full-fledged substitute of a human friend, but do they really need to verbally prove themselves? Their company and loyalty is usually beyond any conversation, isn’t it?  So, don’t talk Oscar, please!



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