215. “Where Is My T-r-u-c-k?” by Karen Beaumont

I always thought that obsessiveness is a trait of adulthood. Little did I know. Looking at my three-year-old, obsessed with playing the same games with the same children (or me and my husband, the only worthy substitute playmates who know the rules) all the time, and at the stubborn little boy from today’s book, we can become obsessive much earlier.

Timmy was inconsolable. He had lost his favorite red truck and it was the only toy on the whole planet he wanted to play with. He started frantically searching the whole house and yard and reminiscing about what a great truck it was.  Not only for him but also for his dog Bowser. And by the way, what was Bowser digging  out there by the gate? Could it be Timmy’s red truck? 

A hilarious rhyme about the power of persistence in the context of lost and found,  brightly illustrated with wacky kind of cute pictures by David Catrow. A real laughing treat for little boys and girls, who can easily relate to Timmy’s drama, can’t you? It’s not easy to live a life without your favorite blanket, pacifier or doll, right?

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