216. “First Snow” by Emily Arnold McCully

Yesterday we took a drive along Route 1. Muir Beach, Stinson Beach, Bodega Bay… The weather was gorgeous. The sky was blue, the air was crisp. trees were blooming… Spring, as I remember from my childhood, was in the air. But it is January. Most of the world is in the middle of the winter. Last year this time we were basically snowed under and our Saturdays were passing on heavy shoveling. But as I was shivering from cold, our son was making snow angels. Let’s read bout snow today.

The first snow was a great attraction for the little mice. They went sledding and ice-skating with grandma and grandpa.   Everybody had a great time dashing down the slope. Everybody, but for scared Bitty. “Come on, Bitty, you can do it!”  And she did it indeed. But as Bitty discovered the fun of sledding, it was hard to make her stop. Bitty sure slept well that night. 

The story is not very complicated, but charming in its simplicity. The original characters, snow and scarf loving mice, add a lot of humor to the situation. So do the amusing pictures. I love the one when the little mice help to push the truck up an icy hill. Besides, the watercolors are such a great way to bring the reader to the winter wonderland. You basically want to follow the mice to the slope.

So, if it snows by you,  don’t wait any longer. Put on your warmest coat and gloves and build a snowman in your yard. Make the most of the winter, before it goes away.

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