222. “Duck and Cover” by Jackie Urbanovic

Last time we saw Max, he was in the middle of quite unconventional puppy-sitting (“Sitting Duck”). Although that story was not the most riveting, we never gave up on Max and brought home another book from the amusing Duck series.

This time Max talked Irene into giving shelter to a very controversial refugee. Harold the alligator was on the “Wanted” list for having a wrong snack. Apparently he ate someone’s dog. Irene and her crew tried to find Harold a good hiding spot in the house, but it wasn’t easy. He wouldn’t go to the basement as he was afraid of spiders and he was too big for a bread box. Eventually, Max found a way to trick the detective, but the ZOO decided to drop the charges. Why would you punish anyone for eating a hot-dog?

Great feel-good and giggle-a-lot  read! As always in this absurd series, the story is full of surprises, the dialogues are filled with dry humor and the pictures burst with color. But what really makes this book a smashing hit, is the one and only Max. What a duck and with what personality!


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