224. “Dear Deer” by Gene Barretta

If you have already successfully introduced your child to the concept of phonics, and maybe they even finally start to understand that the word “car” regardless of how it sounds, is not written with the letter “k”, and the consisting of just three sounds number eight, is written with five letters, perhaps it is time to confuse them even more and add some homophones to the mix?

“Dear Deer” has a selected batch of those words that sounds the same but are spelled differently, like hear and here, moose and mousse, ate and eight, daze and days, bear and bare…  and many more. In the book,  Aunt Ant writes a letter to Dear Deer, about her new experiences in the zoo. “It’s quite a FEAT when the bat hangs from his FEET” and “The monkey will tell you a TALE as she hangs from his TAIL”. As you can see, not only is it written in rhyme,  but also in homophones. Pretty inventive, I must say. 

Definitely worth checking it out.  The script is  clever, yet not overly challenging for your future spelling bees, and the pictures are just delightful.


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