225. “Duck for President” by Doreen Cronin

Do you remember the pesky Duck from Farmer Brown’s farm? We met him in December. Back then he was already adding lots of trouble to his boss but now…

Farmer Brown’s farm was not an ordinary place. Everyone had their chores and duties. Cows had to weed the garden, Pigs sweep the barn and Duck was in charge of trash and mowing the lawn. Duck felt disgruntled and abused. He decided to put an end to hard work at the farm by replacing Farmer Brown. After a democratic vote, of course. “The voters had spoken. Duck was officially in charge.” But it was hard work to run the farm, so Duck decided to run for the Governor. The votes were counted again and yet again the crowd favored Duck. But running the state was even harder than leading a farm. It was time for the presidential campaign. And wouldn’t you know it, Duck won again, but together with the Oval Office he also got a lot of headache. It was time to check the classified ads. And luckily, there was and opening for… Duck.

LOL. We often think that grass is greener on the other side. Others have easier jobs and why are they paid so much more?!  We like to criticize, vent, protest… We think that having more power would solve our problems. Well, look at Duck. He knows better now.

Very, very entertaining and well observed.  Most likely my son found it hard to understand the political setting, but I hope that next time I ask him to pick up his toys, he won’t organize a campaign against my rules.


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