230. “No Ghost Under My Bed” by Guido Van Genechten

Jake couldn’t fall asleep because of a ghost under his bed. According to Jake’s dad, it was just the cracking of the bed. Then Jake heard a ghost behind the curtain and in the chest, but Dad confirmed that it was just the wind and heating noise. Jake still could hear a ghost, though. Dad still couldn’t believe it and to prove his point performed a thorough check under the carpet and behind the door. Finally, Jake was convinced that there was no ghosts in his room, because… his dad had chased them all away. 

The other night my son was seriously bothered by a bee buzzing around his bed. When I said I couldn’t hear anything, he insisted otherwise.  He had seen a bee outside earlier on and it must have gotten to our house. Normally, I would have tried to talk him out of this imaginary buzz, but after I had read Jake’s story, I knew better. We waited until the bee would fly away and I reassured my son that all the doors and windows were closed and no bee would come to his room. It worked. However illogical my explanation was.

A perfect read for every child whose night-time sleep gets disturbed by ghosts and other terrifying creatures squatting in their bedrooms. Very interesting and original illustrations, in the dark colors of the night and the warm and cosy night-light.

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