232. “Read to Tiger” by S. F. Fore

A little boy is trying to read his book on the couch, but he  can’t focus, because there is a tiger behind the couch, which keeps chomp-chomp- chewing gum, growling like a bear, choo-choo-tooting while riding a toy train or practicing karate kicks. Finally, the boy gives the tiger a talking. But when the boy tries to focus again, the Tiger suddenly shows an interest in the book, and so the boy gets to read the book to Tiger.

As cute as absurd. Fun to  read-out-loud thanks to the lively writing  filled amusing onomatopoeia. Cheerfully illustrated by  R. W. Alley. A great story for the whole family, with a useful hint for every older sibling who can’t do their ‘stuff” in peace because the younger brother or sister wants to play the noisiest games right next to them. Why not to stop ‘shushing’ them and instead,  engage them in what you are doing? Or take a break from what you are doing and jut read to them. They will love it and they will love you!


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