234. “Little Black Crow” by Chris Raschka

Someone once said about a singer, that if he can sing a song about a little sparrow well, he must be good. I am going to say the same about Chris Raschka. He created a picture book about a little crow. And didn’t he do an exquisite job!

Imagine snow-covered fields and a boy sitting on a wooden fence, talking to a crow resting on a power line. He seems to have lots of existential questions to the bird. “Where do you go in the cold white snow? (…) Whom do you meet? (..) Do you ever complain? (…)Are you a boy like me? (…) Are you never afraid? (…) Might you ever wonder about someone… like me?

The script  is so lyrical. It is written with delicate rhymes, repetitions, melodic rhythm, which carry the reader through the story, as if on the crow’s wings. You virtually hear the wind, you feel the cold, you are dazzled the wintry sun. You feel the loneliness of the boy. You submerge in the poetic and enigmatic setting, so beautifully and subtly watercolor-painted by this award-winning artist. With a few strokes of a brush, he created a masterpiece. And I am under the spell.


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